Out of Hand Theater makes shows, games and public art, for venues including parks, homes, businesses and theaters. Through annual free public arts events and original works, we embrace new audiences, celebrate community, and create moments of mass intimacy. We collaborate with scientists, artists, businesses, schools and civic organizations to create events reflecting their work, we train others to unlock their creativity and to innovate, and we bring free public art to thousands of people every year.

Creativity Training

Our Creativity Training is a proven 6-step system for generating ideas and solving problems by structuring innovation and removing the obstacles to creativity.

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Guerilla Haiku

Sept 4 – 6  Decatur Book Festival
It’s Freel

Grab some chalk at one of our booths. cover the city with temporary haiku. Take pics of your work and share them.

“Experience at least one Yockey play in your lifetime”

– Atlanta Journal Constitution

Blackberry Winter

by Steve Yockey

November 6 – 26
a co-production with Actor’s Express

As memory fades, love endures.

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The Outbreak Game

Investigate a mock outbreak on the Emory campus, using real-world tools employed by Emory and CDC scientists.

Atlanta Science Festival, 2016



A 2-story Phoenix rises at Historic 4th Ward Park
April, 2016


The Game

By interacting with architecture, monuments, parks, historic sites, public art, businesses and services organizations, where you must gather hidden clues, you will experience your city like never before, while creating a unique public art spectacle for thousands of passersby.